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Special thanks: I'd like to give a special "thank you" to Betty Knarzer Stickle (class of '46)for all of her hard work with getting the Howe alumni database created. She worked very hard over the past few years getting all of the 20,000+ records into a database for our use. She has done a marvelous job and was extremely helpful in getting me her database so I could begin the task of making it web-accessible. Thanks Betty!!!

In the past few years, most of the work of updating the records has fallen on Carol Yeager (class of '57). Carol has continued Betty's work and has put up with the numerous problems that have arisen when I've made changes to the database and associated system. Carol always accepts problems with a smile and a shrug. Thanks Carol for your hard work and great attitude.

Searching instructions:

The search will use whatever information you give it. You can search for just last names, first names, graduating classes, city, state, zip code or any combination. Type all or part of the last name and/or first name of the person you are searching for. Last names will match both maiden names and married names. If you notice information that is incorrect for you or someone else, please email us and give us the updated information or you can click on the person's name and make the changes yourself. Note that your submitted changes will not appear on the website until they have been reviewed and approved.

  • You can use ONLY the graduating class popup to get a class list for your class.
  • You can locate folks in your area by using the zip code, city or state fields. Zip code will obviously give you a more precise search while city and or state will give a wider result set.
  • I hope to have a way for you to produce downloadable and printable class lists soon. Keep coming back. - Kevin